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Getting Ready for Peppers

Jay is doing a great job on the starting of peppers from seeds indoors, but for those of us in warmer weather – it’s not yet time to start thinking like that, especially if you are just going to be buying some plant starts from ChilePlants.com like I did. My peppers have already been ordered and are schedule for delivery for the first week of April (based on the TX planting zone). So that means I have less then a month of weekends to get my garden ready (with Fiery Foods taking up one weekend). So needless to say, when I realized that last week, I had a mini panic attack and started getting things in gear.

While I already have the garden plan in my head – there’s a lot to be done to get to where the garden needs to be by April. Primarily, the area that I’m plotting for the garden is still shaded and does not have an immediate water access point. There’s also some drainage issues but the space is well protected from wind and does get at least 8 hours of sun per day. Not quite ideal, but it’s also the only spot that wouldn’t be an eyesore to the wife.

So step 1 was getting excited and ordering probably far too many peppers and step 2 is happening today. Tree Removal. Large gigantic tree removal. For the tree huggers out there – don’t worry, we have more then enough on our property – but this one particular tree is causing a shade issue as well as a space issue for my upcoming garden.

So today, this huge pine tree is coming down. Also coming down today are 2 oaks (damaged by storms) and another 2 are getting trimmed. But the reason this huge pine has got to go is that it’s standing where my garden shed will be going and the shade from the tree effects the noon time sun to that corner of the yard. So in less then an hour, a crew is arriving to bring this massive pine down. And if anyone has read the $64 Tomato – you’ll appreciate the fact that I’m keeping diligent track of the cost of my pepper garden – and this first year, depending on the number of peppers – I may just cry over the cost of a single pepper. But in the long run – it’ll be worth it (least that’s what I’m telling myself). Total cost for the removal of 3 trees and the trimming of 2 – about $2,000, which only part is attributable to the garden but it does make one want to cry a bit.

From the front view

Next steps following tree removal:
– Plumber: Need to run 150′ of water line to the back of the garage. At the same time, we need a new gas line run to the pool heater – est. cost $4,000
– Raised Garden Beds: (3) 4 foot by 10 foot raised garden beds w/soil: $500
– Pepper Starts: Already paid – $100
– Garden Plumbing: Automatic watering system $200
– Squirrel Gun: $150
– Dog Fence: $150
– Misc. Expenses: I don’t want to know

Thank god for tax returns! I’m post after pics a little later today – assuming all structures are still standing!

All I can say is wow – 3 trees felled and 2 trimmed in less then 3 hours! No casualties except for some sod – but that’ll grow back. The yard looks so much bigger without all of that shade! Step 2 of pepper garden – done.

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