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Graham’s Hot Sauce Collection

With the Collector’s Corner weekly posts it was suggested that the HSB add a section with images of actual collections. So if you have a hot sauce collection you’d like to show off, send it to nick ‘at’ hot and your collection will be posted for all collectors to drool over.

A big thank you to all the collector’s that have sent in images of their collections so far, keep them coming!

Graham was kind enough to send in a bunch of pictures of his collection with over 200 bottles and his pepper garden with 27 different varieties of peppers!

Graham's Hot Sauce Collection

Graham's Hot Sauce Collection

Graham's Hot Sauce Collection

Graham's Hot Sauce Collection

A little about Graham’s Collection:
There are over 200 in the collection….I have to build more shelves as I have about 50 bottles in boxes I have yet to put up. Been collecting for about 4 years and everyone I know picks one up for me on their travels since I have most of the ones that are commercially available from hot sauce stores. Still waiting for my Tabernero – hopefully get the original label but one never knows, have had it on order for a while.

I sent you all the pics from various angles, I have a total of 4 shelves on the wall. One bottle that is not a sauce but a beer is Chile beer, my wife thought it was so cool when we watched a show on it…she arranged for 12 of these to be shipped to a Bar we go to just on the inside of the US border , since we are in Canada we can’t import this stuff…most expensive 12 pack in history was about 120 US..It was a surprise birthday gift, we went shopping and stopped for wings and beer in Lewiston NY ( Apple Grannies great wings BTW )…I looked around the whole family was there and they proudly gave me the box. That beer will forever remind me to be careful for what I wish for !

I also grow my own peppers and this year decided to make my own sauce…My garden had 27 varieties of peppers last year and this year it is going to grow. I have to start making some more sauce with peepers that did not make it into the smoker for the chipotle sauce.

Graham's Peppers

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