Posted October 12, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Happy 2nd Birthday HSB!

Since we celebrated last year late, this year should be no different, right? Well, the HSB is officially 2 years old now!
The last year has seen expontential growth here on the HSB and in the past 2 years combined we’ve had 1,234 posts and 39,148 comments! Which, when compared to last years birthday stats of 536 posts and 575 comments show just how quickly the HSB has grown.

    In the past year the HSB has:

  • Had 698 posts & 38,573 comments
  • Had 1,188,805 unique visitors
  • Added 2 additional reviewers.
  • Recieved mentions in Chile Pepper Magazine, Fiery Foods Magazine, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, FHM, NY Daily News & NY Post.
  • Recieved visitors from 195 countries/regions.
  • Added many new features like the forum, manufacturer spotlights, poems & captions
  • Changed servers more times then underwear (kidding)
  • Gathered the largest chilehead gang ever seen at Zest Fest
  • Celebrated the first HSB engagement
  • Made many friends in the fiery foods industry.
  • & Pissed off god only knows how many people.

Happy Birthday HSB!

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog