Posted April 22, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Happy Baby Mr. & Mrs. Eman!

Baby Gift for the eman's

In an amazing show of community spirit and team work, the crew here on the HSB has managed to collect $130 worth of baby paraphernalia buying power (a gift certificate) just for Mr. & Mrs. Eman. This idea was started by Chris K and Nick handled the logistics, but many more chileheads pitched in.

A big thanks to:
Three Hot Tamales
Loco Luna Brian
Vic & Wendy
Nick & the Ex (aka the wife)

Both for chipping into the cause and for keeping this a secret as long as we have (we’ve been on this for about a month). And because we’re the HSB and we are all here for the hot sauce – Sweat ‘N Spice is going to match the total donations with $130 worth of hot sauce.

For those of you that are new, or weren’t on our top secret list, eman moonlights as Captain Capsicum and his hot sauce collection is almost entirely devoted to Blair’s Sauces & Snacks. Not to be out done, Mrs. Eman is also throwing her hat into the hot sauce collecting arena and has began a formidable CaJohn’s collection – no word yet on which side the baby will choose (I’m thinking they’ll go left-wing and collect Dave’s).

The little chilehead isn’t expected until the end of May, so there’s still time if you’d like to check out the Nanista’s Babies R Us Registry (not much is secret on the net) 🙂


Nick Lindauer

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