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HSB Readers: Nominate the Sauce of the Month – April

As some of you know, Sweat ‘N Spice Hot Sauces features a Hot Sauce of the Month Club. Following the Christmas season, the number of club members has nearly grown by 5x! In the past, the Sweat ‘N Spice staff has picked 1 sauce to feature each month and we’ve ordered just a few extra cases. Now, with the huge increase in members we have to order 15-20 cases of the sauce of the month.

Realizing that an order of this size is hard for some small manufacturers to supply but also realizing that an order of this size can really help spread the word about a lesser known sauce – we’ve decided to leave the sauce of the month nominations up to the HSB readers from now on. Early each month we will start the nominations for the following month.

– The sauce must not have already been a Hot Sauce of the Month featured sauce (within 12 months)
– We try to emphasize flavor over fire
– The chosen manufacturer must be able to supply 15 or more cases
– Does not have to be a sauce already carried on SNS (we’ll add it to our product line)
– The chosen sauce does not have to be a “hot sauce” but must be able to be used in hot sauce like applications
– The retail price of the bottle cannot be more then $10

Previous Hot Sauces of the Month
(in alphabetical order)
– Big Dawg Habanero Lime Hot Sauce (new: March ’07)
– Cackalacky Spice Sauce
– Cry Baby Hot Sauce
– Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce
– Frostbite Hot Sauce
– Green Bandit Basil Serrano Hot Sauce
– Kiss of Fire Hot Sauce
– Krakatoa Hot Sauce
– Loco Luna Lava EXTREME Hot Sauce
– Make Me Moan Mango Hot Sauce
– Tabanero Hot Sauce
– Talon Hot Sauce
– Toxic Tonic Hot Sauce
– Well, Smack My Ass and Call Me Santa

How to Nominate:
Simply leave a comment with the sauce you’ve chosen to nominate for the Sauce of the Month and explain why. Only 2 nominations per person and you can nominate a sauce that’s already been nominated by another reader. Manufacturers, you can nominate yourself as well.

The sauce of the month will be chosen 1 week after nominations begin and those readers that have nominated the chosen sauce will get 1 free case (unless you’re the manufacturer of course). And each Hot Sauce of the Month will be discounted for all HSB readers for that month.

So what sauce would you like to nominate?

Nick Lindauer

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