Posted March 18, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

HSB Rules and Regs

Rule #1 –
Play nice with others. If you don’t, your comments will be deleted and all future comments will be held for moderation.

Rule #2 –
Email addresses: Posting of email addresses is frowned upon. Not because I don’t want you guys talking amongst yourselves, but because I don’t want the poachers and spammers having a one-stop location for chilehead email addresses. This blog is read by folks who don’t participate and simply use it as a tool to solicit loyal HSBers. I’ve even been approached for the entire email list of HSB commenters. I’m trying to figure out something like an HSB approved communications list, but until then please send me an email when you want the email of another commenter and I’ll send you both an email with each others information. But for now, email addresses will be deleted if posted (same with phone numbers). Continuing to post your email address will really annoy me and cause your comments to be held in moderation.

Rule #3 –
Selling stuff: If you have bottles you want to sell and you think a chilehead (or 100) would be interested in it, please email me about the items. I will create a separate post for your items (or hold them till the next Collector’s Corner) and they will be posted for all readers to see. Items that are posted for sale in the comments section do not provide all readers with an equal opportunity. Same goes for new topics. If you want to start something to talk about, send it to me and I’ll post it so all the readers can have a chance to participate and it doesn’t get lost in a long comment thread.

Rule #4 –
I don’t like rules, so don’t make me have to make more. And more important, have fun with the HSB ‘family’ of chileheads. New commenters are always welcome! 🙂

Nick Lindauer

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