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Introducing: THT’s Cranked Up Cranberry

WooHoo! THT have come out with a sauce that we’ve been wishing for here on the HSB – a spiced up cranberry hot sauce that’s sure to heat up your holiday meals. Holiday time means eatin’ time and that means it’s a great time to break out the hot sauces. If you anything like me, you’ve struggled to find the right hot sauce for your holiday gatherings – but look no further, THT’s cranked up cranberry concoction with Cranberries & Nagas is a sure fire way to heat up your holidays. And it’s available for a limited time only, so be sure to stock up!

THT's Cranked Up Cranberry
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Want the Three Hot Tamales at your Thanksgiving Day table? Well you got them!!

No, No No…. the Three Hot Tamales haven’t been in hiding, they have been collaborating on a number of different projects just like this one….

Cranked up Cranberry Hot Sauce

Well guys we managed to do it again… We have created a gourmet hot sauce that will get your turkey gobbling’. A blend of cranberry and a medley of citrus fruit mingle with the smooth heat of Dorset Naga peppers. Cranked up Cranberry can be liberally poured over your favorite holiday meal or used on the side as a “dipping” sauce. This Hot sauce gets even better”¦.try warming it up before use “¦”¦.. Now that’s a HOT HOT Sauce!

This sauce is seasonal and will only be sold ONLY from October 1 – December 15. Make sure to order more then one bottle (It is the holiday’s ya know).

Cranked Up Cranberry”¦”¦ The hot sauce you can actually Heat up!

To ensure you receive a bottle of this crazy cranberry creation, we suggest you call your order in ASAP. (973) 563-1454

You can also email or visit the website

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