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Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest

Nathan's Famous Billboard


Takeru Kobayashi won the event again, this time with 49 hot dogs down in 12 Minutes! However, he has a record of 53.5 hot dogs that he will not beat. Kobayashi is retiring from the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating event after this year. The second place winner was a Sonya, a woman that consumed 37 hot dogs. The third place winner ate 30 or so (can’t remember) .
Nathan's Famous Dogs - Coney Island

The wife and I arrived at Coney Island around 10 AM, the hot dog event was supposed to start at 12. In the picture above you can see the crowds of people already there. As first timers to the Isle of Coney, the wife and I were worried we might not find the Nathan’s Famous location. We had no reason to worry. As soon as you step out of the Coney Island MTA station, it’s right there across the intersection.

The crowd around the stage was already too dense to infiltrate so we decided to cruise around the area to pass the time. We managed a game of mini golf, 3 batting cage innings and a nice walk along the pier and beach before heading back towards the contest. As we got closer, it was clear that we wouldn’t be able to see any of the action, it was too packed. We could only hear the announcer calling out the numbers as the contestants consumed both the hot dog and the bun. 10 hot dogs in 2 minutes! 16 hot dogs in 3 minutes, 29 in 6 minutes! 39 in 10 minutes! Thank god the entire contest only lasts 12 minutes, these guys might kill themselves by eating for any longer time period.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

In the picture above you can see the contestants posing for even more pictures, but I just wanted to show you the huge hot dog. And yes, we did eat some Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. Delicious little suckers, although I didn’t bring any hot sauce with me. Next time I’m going to make the wife take a bag so I can bring along some Mad Anthony’s Mustard and some Marie Sharp’s. (Homer drooling)

If you’re a food freak like me, you can set you TiVos to record the ESPN filming of the event. It will show tonight at 7 & 11 (eastern), as well as other times throughout the next week.

Happy 4th of July!

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