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Original Juan Rebuttal

Just recieved this response from Original Juan re: the Cafe Tequila brand and the issues brought to light by Mr. Fielder.

I’m sure you know through experience that there are always two sides to the story. Of course, Original Juan views the situation with Mr. Fielder and Cafe Tequila from a completely different vantage. To protect the integrity of our business I would appreciate you taking the time to review the following information as our response to Mr. Fielder’s press release as well as your quick acceptance of the information included in it.

1. Original Juan has acquired 3 other specialty food companies through the same agreement we have negotiated with Cafe Tequila. Bilardo Brothers, Mama Capri and The Old Fart Baked Bean Company have all been completely happy with our acquisition.
2. Original Juan has hid nothing from Mr. Fielder, or any of our other clients or customers for that matter. We are an upstanding member of the NASFT and, thankfully, have personal relationships with several of the people you have sent this to who know that we have built our business based on honesty, integrity, and ethical business practices; as we have stated on our Mission Statement.
3. Mr. Fielder approached us about acquiring his line on three different occasions before we finally sat down to negotiate with him after his pleading finally pursuaded us to take on the line. And, I might add, are you aware of the fact that Mr. Fielder also had agreements with several other reputable companies before he negotiated with Original Juan? The other companies all walked away from their executed agreements when Mr. Fielder started his tactics. We, however, have abided by our agreement and will not walk away from the money we have invested for marketing and producing the Cafe Tequila product line. In fact, our attorney has let Mr. Fielder know that he is the one in breach of our agreement because of his tactics. His response?
E-mailed swear words and threats.

Original Juan refuses to take part in games and tactics. We will, instead, go about our daily business of trying to build a business instead of trying to bring other businesses, including Cafe Tequila, down. When the time comes, the legal system will be the judge of the matter. Until then, I propose we continue to work together to continue to build an industry that will be big enough to support all of our brands and businesses.

Joe R. Polo, Sr.


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