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Pepperman’s Wedding Announcement

Some of us were there when the Pepperman got down on one knee at the 2005 Fiery Foods Show, but for those of you that were not, let us regal you with the flash backs:

Before Proposing
Before the big event.

Pepperman Proposes
The Big Pepper Gets Down on One Knee

Pepperman proposed last year at the 2005 Fiery Foods and BBQ show in front of about 300 people. MSK is actually the one who took these pics. The wedding is on June 29, 2006 (Lee and Dannycash are both in the wedding) with a reception at the Crystal Rose in Lookout Mountain. MSK will be getting #2 signed bottle of private label sauce that will be handed out as wedding favors.

Pepperman Wedding Favor Label
The Wedding Favor Hot Sauce Label

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