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Pimp Your Sauce Contest

Blair's Original Death 1994-1995

If you were one of 22 lucky folks, you now own a 1993 Original Death – but you don’t have one of these bad boys. These Blair’s Death Sauces are from 1994-1995; they are smaller 5 fl. oz. bottles, topped with red wax, a 24k gold skull and signed by Blair. AND, if that wasn’t enough they are numbered 1-10! These 10 bottles were given to the HSB by Blair.
So how do you get one? It’s simple: Pimp Your Sauce. What does that mean? Well check out these:
Pimp Your Sauce V1
Pimp Your Sauce V2
Pimp Your Sauce V3

The chileheads here on the HSB came up with the idea of “pimping” thier sauces, so it’s only fitting that the chileheads here on the HSB receive such a limited collector’s bottles.

Entry Rules & Specs:

  • Pimp your sauce using whatever you can find – you can even pimp around your sauce (stand, display, background etc…)
  • Take a picture (or 5) and send them into nick ‘@’ with the subject line: Pimp Your Sauce Contest
  • Everyone can submit as many entries as they like, but only 1-2 entries per person will be selected for the final vote.
  • The final vote: The HSB community will have the final vote on the top 15 – 20 entries. The entry with the most votes will recieve #1, the entry with the second most votes will receive number 2 and so on and so forth. There will only be 10 winners (there are only 10 bottles).
  • Any of the final entries with suspected voting fraud will be eliminated.
  • All entry submissions must be received by 4/21 (that gives you 2 weekends to work) and final voting will be held the following week.

Have fun!

Nick Lindauer

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