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Prototype Danny Cash NOS Hot Sauce

Prototype Danny Cash NOS Hot Sauce

With a bling factor of 10, the NOS is sure to impress your friends and get you many dates. The NOS is an aluminum bottle filled with 8 ounces of fiery Caribbean Red Habanero hot sauce. Custom tie-down straps and control knob complete this awesome collectible

The Danny Cash crew has decided to generously donate thier NOS Prototype bottles in an effort to help Jim Campbell’s Step Up for Charity. Read the HSB for exact details, but this auction is for 1 of only 2 bottles that will be available.

Please Note: This is a hot sauce collectible – it’s a prototype bottle to the NOS Hot Sauces the Danny Cash Crew first released at Zest Fest 2006

What’s not said on eBay is that 100% of the proceeds will go to Jim’s Step Up For Charity – and these bottles are the smaller 2oz sizes (the regular NOS bottles are 4oz).

Auction here.

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