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Restaurant Review: CPK in NYC

Pizza from CPK
Honey, there’s green stuff on my pizza

Hmmm, CPK in NYC? Yep, leave it to my wife to find the one restaurant that should not be out of the state of California. California Pizza Kitchen. Funny enough, I’ve been to CPK in Las Vegas and New York, but never any in California.

We went to Home Depot one lazy Sunday, stumbled across the famous Dylan’s Candy Bar and while sitting down enjoying our ice cream deliciousness she spotted it: the only CPK in New York. So the next Sunday we treked across town just to grab a slice (well a personal pan pizza).

Side note: The wife is a big fan of anything Californian. We’re both from California, but she’s a very proud Californian, kinda like my mom at my little league games proud – a little bit scary. I think it has something to do with her being from Southern California (I’m from Northern California). Must be something in the water down there… 😉

So with California in the name, it had to be good right? I guess so. The wife loved her Jamaican Jerk Pizza (seen below), and I admit, it did taste Caribbean. However, my pizza was not Southwestern. I mean, the pizza tasted sort of Chipotle Chickenish, but frankly I got more heat from the bell peppers they used in the salsa (shudder).

But $14 for a personal pan pizza? I can pay $1.50 for a slice anywhere in the city and get more gastrointestinal pleasure from it then CPK. I guess I’m just not into all that green stuff on my pizza. (It was a cliantro lime sauce).

I’ll go back, but only to try something other then pizza from the menu.

Pizza from CPK
Jamaican Jerk Pizza

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