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Review: Blair Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea

As previously discussed here, Blair has been working on rolling out his new Wasabi Green Tea Q Heat Sauce. The new recipe uses real wasabi rhizome which is then blended with Jalapeno chiles and Green Tea Leaves.

Q Heat Wasabi Ginger and Wasabi Green Tea

So I decided to compare the flavor of the new Wasabi Q Heat to the old recipe, since there are no other Wasabi based hot sauces that I had handy. I bought some sushi from the sushi joint right up the street and got to work.

Q Heat Wasabi Ginger

Biggles noted that the original Wasabi Ginger was almost as thick as mayonaise and boy was he right. You can see how it’s holding it’s shape on the sushi. It’s thick, almost paste like and the flavor tastes like mayonaise with wasabi. Not very impressive.

Q Heat Wasabi Green Tea

Now for the good stuff. The new recipe is nothing like the old one. In fact I think the only thing these two sauces have in common is Q Heat label. You can see pieces of green tea and jalapeno chiles floating in the bottle and the consistency is much more like a hot sauce. It pours easily, yet sticks to food. The flavor is quite unique, it’s almost habanero like. In fact I had to re-read the ingredient list to make sure there were no habs in it. It’s the combination of the quick wasabi burn combined with the jalapeno peppers that gives it that hab like heat – which quickly disappears. The green tea is hardly noticable, but it gives the sauce a bit more body and well rounded flavor.

Now, this isn’t a hot sauce that you can use everyday – or at least I can’t use it everyday, but it is a great sauce that should be saved for those days your eating sushi or cooking Asian food. The Wasabi Green Tea would work great in a stirfry.

The new recipe should be available at both and SNS soon!

Nick Lindauer

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