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Review: CaJohn’s Select Habanero Puree

Last but not least of my sampling of CaJohn’s Select Puree line, the [tag]Habanero[/tag]. This sauce is made with Orange Habaneros CaJohn's Habanerowhich is a nice change of pace from the usual red variety found in most sauces.

Ingredients: Habanero chilies, distilled vinegar, citric and ascorbic acid

Like the other selects, nothing fancy – just a whole lot of peppers jammed into a little bottle. Something every chilihead should relish.

On First Taste
I gave the Select Habanero Puree a go on a cracker. The habanero flavor was superb. The lack of seasonings really allow the pepper flavor to shine, and the vinegar has no appreciable effect on the [tag]hot sauce[/tag]. Fresh, fresh, fresh tasting – it the middle of winter here in the midwest, with nary a fresh hab to be found anywhere, this was a little breath of summer that got me thinking of summer breezes, sunny afternoons and warm weather. Of the three Selects I tried, this one definitely stands out as the star of the bunch.CaJohn's Habanero 3

The heat is significant; not extract level, but more than enough punch to get the job done when applied in quantity. Also, the heat builds nicely, so if the first bite isn’t hot enough, take a few more – it’ll get there.

On Food:
I love fresh habaneros with pork chops, and CaJohn’s select puree seemed like a stand-up stand in for fresh peppers. So, I broiled a couple chops, then doused both sides in sauce before setting them back in the oven for a final browning. The sauce was not ideal as a marinade; a little too thick and non-uniform to spread evenly. But, that was a small issue. When I pulled it out, took a whiff, and nearly got my eyes watering, I knew I was in for a honest to goodness, chilihead approved dinner.The flavor was fantastic. The orange habanero flavor really shined with the pork. And the heat was fantastic. The first chop went down with a runny nose and a few Kleenex; the second brought out a full sweat and even some eye watering. The burn stayed very concentrated on the tip of my tongue, a little unusual for habs which normally burn on the side and back of the tongue.

CaJohn's Habanero on Pork Chops

CaJohn has really outdone himself with his Select Habanero Puree. The taste rivals fresh peppers. The heat is ample, and the flavor is superb. This one is a must try.

Overall Rating: 9.3 out of 10

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