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Review: Candy’s Private Reserve Habanero Lime Hot Sauce

C.P.R. Habanero Lime Hot Sauce
C.P.R. Habanero Lime Hot Sauce

A wonderful change of pace from the norm. An amazing smooth blending of Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic and Jalapenos with a heaping of Habaneros to satisfy the “chilehead” in all of us. Last, but not least, we topped off each batch with a fresh squeezed lime.

This is definitely an all-purpose hot sauce. We enjoy it on eggs, pizza, jambalaya, rice dishes, baked potatoes, and the ever-popular mac and cheese. Imagination is the limit with this one.

Betcha get caught licking the bowl!

After trying the CPR Kickin’ Hot Apple Surprise, I was more the happy to give Candy’s Habanero Lime Hot Sauce a try. Both bottles came to me a few weeks before the Fiery Foods Show and I had killed both bottles the weekend before the show, they were both that good.

C.P.R. Habanero Lime Hot Sauce
No Filament! Perfect!

With a sauce of this consistency, I was very happy to see that CPR Habanero Lime didn’t have a filament top. It’s a smooth pureed sauce that pours easily and one of those bottle tops would have only impeded my rapid consumption of the sauce.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Jalapeno Peppers, Fresh Squeezed Lime, Red Onions, Habanero Peppers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic, Sea Salt, Red Pepper, and other spices.

C.P.R. Habanero Lime Hot Sauce
Just Enough Sauce

I first tried CPR Habanero Lime on breakfast: a scramble with eggs, sausage, potatoes & peppers. The sauce worked beautifully – adding just the right amount of habanero heat and a huge amount of flavor. You can see from the picture above, I doused the sauce on breakfast. In fact, I used over 1/2 the bottle on one meal.

C.P.R. Habanero Lime Hot Sauce
1/2 Bottle Gone – Just on breakfast

C.P.R. Habanero Lime Hot Sauce
Finished the rest on dinner

Now any sauce can work on breakfast, but can it also work on dinner? Yes! CPR Habanero Lime worked wonders on dinner that very same night, adding just the right amount of heat and flavor to my plate of carnitas & rice. The presence of lime in the sauce lends itself nicely to Mexican food dishes (I usually use fresh squeezed lime) but that’s not to say that this is a SAS (specific application sauce). The heat level is about a 6 on the HSB heat scale – just enough heat for you mouth to notice, but not enough to stop you from consuming the entire bottle in one day.

C.P.R. Habanero Lime Hot Sauce is so good, we’ve chosen it to be this month’s Hot Sauce of the Month for Sweat ‘N Spice. HSB readers can also pick up a bottle from SNS for only $5 using the coupon code “CPRMarch” at checkout.

And just incase you missed the post over the weekend, we want you to nominate the Hot Sauce of the Month for April. If the sauce you nominate is chosen, you’ll receive not only free hot sauce, but the chosen sauce will be discounted for all HSB readers for the month!

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