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Review: CSIGI Chili Sauce – Big Boss Jalapeno Tomatillo Sauce

Wassup HSB’rs, time for another hot sauce review. Today we are tasting csigi chili sauce Big Boss jalapeno Tomatillo Sauce. Since my last review of a csigi sauce I have been informed that they are NOT screaming bulldogs in a pool of blood. Well, I guess it just goes to show, when you use a Rorschach test as label art people are gonna see what they see.

CSIGI Chili Sauce - Big Boss Jalapeno Tomatillo Sauce

Initial Impression: Big Boss Jalapeno Tomatillo [tag]Hot Sauce[/tag] looks really nice in the bottle regardless of what my demented mind sees on the label. The sauce looks nice and thick with little bits of goodies visible in the mixture. Once again the chemical formula for capsaicin in listed on the side panel. I don’t eat a lot of green sauce, most I’ve had were not that good. There are guys like Danny Cash that have shown me it can be done the right way! I’m hoping this will be one of those as well.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Jalapeno Chilies, Tomatillos, Extra Coarse Sea Salt, Hemp Protein (0.00%THC), Roasted Garlic, Arrowroot, Turbinado Sugar, Spices.

I see the unleaded hemp protein has made its way into yet another sauce. Too bad you can’t choose between regular and unleaded, it would make for an interesting meal. “Billy really seems to like that pot sauce on everything”; it’s not a typo.

Appearance: To me this sauce has a much nicer consistency than the Capsacin Carnivale. It is nice and thick but still fluid enough to flow out of the bottle and no pesky plug to smack out before dispensing. I like the tiny brown flecks of spice and bits of seed floating around, it gives the whole thing a homemade appearance. Hey, those seeds didn’t come with the hemp protein did they?

Aroma: Big Boss Jalapeno Tomatillo Sauce has an initial vinegary punch in the nose. I took a really nice snoot full of these fumes to see what I could pick out. It reminded me of a big jar of pepperoncini, sweet and tangy. I love pepperoncini so I found it quite pleasing.

Taste: ZING! If you like a vinegary sauce, eat this one right out of the bottle. I popped a tablespoonful of Big Boss Jalapeno Tomatillo Sauce in my mouth and it popped me right back. While the first taste was quite tangy, it was also quite flavorful. The tomatillos are definitely the star of this show. I find that the jalapeno flavor is somewhat lost in the excitement. I would say that this sauce is about a 2-3 on the heat scale and that pretty much stays in check with its mild status listed on the label. I found myself spitting out some little hard bits, probably seeds”¦ or maybe hemp protein stems.

The Food Test: I felt that this would be a great breakfast sauce. I decided today’s hot sauce food test would be a corned beef with Habanero Jack cheese scramble. Since my initial taste proved this to be a pretty mild sauce I decided it would take a substantial amount to charge up these eggs. You can see from the picture, I let loose, using about ¼ of a bottle on my scramble. Pretty tasty stuff, the vinegary taste is subdued by the food and the flavors come out to enhance your meal. It could have used more heat in my opinion, but they can’t all be an 8-10. Can they?

Conclusion: Big Boss Jalapeno [tag]Tomatillo[/tag] Sauce is a pretty darned nice sauce. It made my meal easy to eat, it helped to start a conversation with my son about THC and how avoid drugs, and it got me to call my therapist up and ask him why I would see two screaming pit bulls in a pool of blood on a Rorschach test, I mean hot sauce label. I think this sauce has provided more than I could ever expect from a condiment.

Packaging 5/10 ““ Ok, I get it now?
Aroma 7/10 ““ Vinegary
Appearance 9/10 ““ Nice thick with tasty bits
Taste 8/10 ““ Great on Eggs
Heat 2/10 ““ Mostly tomatillo

Overall 7/10

Csigi Chili Sauce
569 Blue Mountain Lake
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Ron Levi