Posted November 16, 2006 by Anthony in Makers

Review: Danny Cash HabEEnero Mustard and Flaming Mustard

Flaming Mustard Review
Danny Cash Flaming Mustard

Finally!!! Danny Cash has made the ultimate mustard. A yellow, everyday prepared mustard that is hot. Since I first starting eating mustards a few years ago I have gone through quite a bit. Did the Dijon, Grey Poupon, Dave’s Mustard, you name it. I never cared much for any of them. I always relied on the yellow standard and just added a whack of hot sauce. There is a polish mustard that has horseradish in it but I am not the biggest fan of horseradish even though the heat was pretty impressive.

So getting back to the Danny Cash Flaming mustard. The bottle in itself is amazing. A 8oz squeeze bottle that looks as serious as the condiment inside. The mustard itself is a perfect yellow, with perfect consistency and surprise of all surprises it didn’t have that watery run off you usually get if you haven’t quite shaken it properly. Aroma wise there is no surprise. It smells just like regular yellow mustard. I wasn’t sure what the heat level was going to be but I threw caution aside and doused my hot dog in it.

Ingredients: Habanero & Serrano Chile Peppers, Fresh Garlic, No. 1 Grade Yellow Mustard Seed, Vinegar, Lime Juices, Flake Sea Salt

At first taste the flavour was just pure mustard. Really good yellow mustard. It took a second before the heat kicked in and when it did I was all smiles. Finally a condiment that cuts the mustard. Might be just a little to hot for beginners but a seasoned chili-head will be in awe with this. Its crescendo of heat was just under blistering and last for a few minutes before going away totally. All the while keeping a great mustard flavour with just a hint of habanero in the background. The total package works perfectly.

Since trying this yellow mustard I will not go back to any other kind. I just wish it was more portable (like in little packets) because having a hot dog or hamburger without this around is just wrong.

Packaging 10/10 ““ Original and cool to have around
Aroma 9.7/10 ““ Biting and Fresh
Appearance 10/10 ““ Happy Yellow and perfect consistency
Taste 10/10 ““ For those like their yellow mustard ““ look no further
Heat 7.7/10 ““ Great heat ““ amazing burn

Overall 10/10 ““ As good as a prepared mustard can get

haBEEnero Mustard Review
Danny Cash Flaming HaBEEnero Mustard

Take what I said in the previous review and add it here. Same great everything, just enough of a different flavour to make this unique as well. The bite of the HaBEEnero Mustard is much less pronounced but it is there. The Colorado honey is noticeable and gives the mustard a very velvety texture. The colour is also a little darker but very nice to look at.

Heat wise I find it more medium but a solid medium heat at that. The burn is much more mellow but still quite noticeable.

Ingredients: Red Habanero Chile Peppers, No. 1 Grade Yellow Mustard Seed, Vinegar, Colorado Honey, Garlic, Lime Juices, Salt

Danny Cash Flaming HaBEEnero Mustard

If you are a mustard lover and a Chili-head your day is here!! I can definitely recommend both of these.

Packaging 10/10 ““ Original and cool to have around
Aroma 9.7/10 ““ Pleasant, sharp and rich
Appearance 10/10 ““ Golden in colour ““ velvety smooth
Taste 9.5/10 ““ almost sweet ““ incredible mustard flavour
Heat 7.0/10 ““ Great heat ““ mellow burn

Overall 9.5/10 ““ Incredibly delicious honey mustard

Danny Cash Unlimited
2936 S. Zuni Street, Unit A
Englewood, CO 80110
(888) 3-hotsauce