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Review: Defcon’s Habby Horse

Defcon's Habanero Horseradish

It’s not really fair to write a review about a product no one can buy yet, now is it? For that I apologize, but maybe a good response from the HSBers will push the Creator into full time Habby Horse production. Let me explain a little more.

You see, the Creator contacted me about 2 weeks ago and asked if I’d like to taste test his new creation, since he figured he and I have a similar number of marbles missing in the ole noggin. I responded with an enthusiastic “hell yes” and a few days later the jar you see above arrived at my door. The wife immediately rolled her eyes when I showed her my prize and to my collector’s horror, the jar was numbered #1 of 4 – ah crap. Oh well, I opened it anyways, figuring the taste test was much more important then the collector’s value (I still have the jar 😈 )

Habanero Horseradish and Garlic Lover's Steak Sauce - yum!

So to taste the horseradish properly, I did what any good chilehead would do and I took the jar with me to buy a $40 steak. After all, a creation of this magnitude deserves a proper party, right? Well alas, I didn’t get any pictures at the Palm Steak house, too many frowning faces around but I can tell you that the $40 Rib eye held it’s own with the habanero horseradish. I did have a hard time convincing anyone else at the table to try any though.

I brought the jar home 1/2 full and concocted another way to get some gratuitous food shots of it. The steak above is covered in Knox’s Black Pepper Rub and served with a generous helping of the Three Hot Tamales Garlic Lovers Steak Sauce. The pile of grated orange stuff is the Habby Horse.

Habanero Horseradish - Close Up

Defcon’s Habby Horse is a culinary masterpiece for chileheads and [tag]horseradish[/tag] lovers alike. Well, actually you must be both to really enjoy Habby Horse. On first taste your taste buds are struck with the robust taste of the horseradish, followed by it’s fleeting nasal burn Then after the moment has passed, the lurking heat of the habanero drop kicks your tongue and throat to announce it’s presence. It’s one pissed off pepper and it’s there to stay. The burning from one bite will last you anywhere from 3-10 minutes, depending on how much you ingest. (As a side note, if you down 1/2 a jar yourself, the burning lasts much longer.) Somewhere in the making of Habby Horse, the intense flavors of each individual ingredient have been slightly muted but together they bring out the best in one another.

Now if we could only convince the Creator to mass produce this
(I need another jar :twisted:)

Nick Lindauer

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