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Review: Denzel’s Lil’ Smokehouse Hot Sauce

Denzel's Lil' Smokehouse Hot Sauce

I got the Lil’ Smoke house to review, all right! I love Chipotle peppers and the bottle has a Scovie award sticker! I am a sucker for those stickers, it is a sign that this is gonna be something special! A little research shows me it won 3rd place in 04 in the Specialty Chile Catagory.

Ingredients: Vinegar, Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Garlic, Salt

Ok, I opened the bottle and give it the smell test….smells like peppers, vinegar and a little spice, no big surprises.

Pour out some on the plate. it is thick, has little chunks, is a nice shade of red with pieces of skin and seeds mixed in, it seperates a little as the solids sit up and the liquid strains down a little, no thickener holding this together.

Straight taste test yields a mild pepper taste, a little smokey, not as much as I was expecting and mild heat. It is a little sweet, I would swear it had a sweetener in it, or those were some great sweet Jalapenos used in the sauce! It smells and tastes kind of like pureed pickled peppers to me.

Denzel's Lil' Smokehouse Hot Sauce

I put it on my old reliable Egg Sandwich, I hate to be repetitive, but I have this almost every day for breakfast and just love em! It is one heck of a good way to eat hot sauce in my opinion! Plus I am planning on doing three reviews today, 1 for each meal. I have been away too long and need to make up for lost time!

Denzel's Lil' Smokehouse Hot Sauce

It is mild enough that it doesn’t overpower the sandwich, but there is a little too much vinegar flavor to complement the egg, I think this sauces best use would be on Nachos, added to a homemade salsa, as an ingredient in a marinade, or It would absolutely rock added to velvetta cheese and microwaved and served with Nacho Chips!

Appearance 6/10
Flavor 6/10
Heat 4/10
Overall 6/10

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