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Review: Denzel’s Mom’s Apples & Cinnamon Habanero Hot Sauce

Mom's Apple & Cinnamon Habanero Hot SauceI was excited when I saw I had Mom’s Apples & Cinnamon Sauce to review. I have one bottle in the collection, but as some of you collector know, you need to buy two bottles of sauce, one to try and one display!

I have looked at this bottle and thought …Wow, this is really different, I want to try it! If I were looking at sauces at the store or on line and saw this, I would probably be hesitant to buy it at first without havig heard anything about it. It is one of those risky type sauces which you could love or hate and maybe doesn’t have a lot of multi purpose appeal.

The bottle had a 2005 scovie award sticker on it, so that is a good sign! I looked it up and it won 1st place – Hot Sauce – Fruit. It has a picture of, I assume Denzel’s Mom on the bottle and says “Just like Ma used to make, and if she didn’t she probably should have”

Ingredients: Vinegar, Roasted apples, onions, brown sugar, habanero peppers, cinnamon.

I opened the bottle and smelled it, no surprises smelled like apples and a hint of cinnamon. Actually it smelled just like apple pie.

Poured Mom’s Apples & Cinnamon Habanero Hot Sauce on the plate and surprise! It looked like applesauce with a few red bits mixed in. It was thick but was still pourable with a little shake of the bottle.

Denzel's Mom's Apples & Cinnamon Habanero Hot Sauce

Straight taste test – first taste was apples, then a hint of cinnamon then a little heat, it wasn’t as sweet as applesauce and I could taste onion on the lingering flavor in my mouth.
I was thinking this would be perfect with roast pork and I happened to have a roast pork tenderloin I just cooked last night, so I slathered it up and gave it go.

Denzel's Mom's Apples & Cinnamon Habanero Hot Sauce

If you like applesauce on your pork and you are a ChileHead this is the sauce for you! It didn’t overpower the flavor of the meat, added a nice apple taste and a just a touch of the heat we love. A great compliment to the food as opposed to taking over the dish. I can’t really think of much else I would put this on, maybe chicken or it could be used on Ice cream or make a cranberry apple cobbler with it.

Appearance – 8/10 good packaging, looks like applesauce
Taste – 7/10 – it is what it is, Spicy applesauce
Heat – 3/10 a mild spice, not overpowering, doesn’t last long
Overall – 7/10 – unique, straightforward, good on pork

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