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Review: Original Pit Bull Hot Sauce

Pit Bull Hot SAuce

Ingredients: Chili Peppers, water, sugar, garlic, salt distilled vinegar, sugar, garlic, honey, red tabasco peppers, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfate (as preservatives.)

Packaging: Original Pit Bull comes in the standard 5 oz bottle with a black and white label with red accents.

Back Label: “Get bitten by the Pit Bull Hot Sauce!!! It’s all about Flavor…and not just Burn! It starts out sweet…and then…Bites back Hot. Add a delicious Bite to ALL your favorite Recipes. One taste and you will agree… Original Pit Bull Hot Sauce… the Sweet Sauce that BITES YOU BACK!”

Color: Red, with a few visible pepper seeds.

Smell: Taking my first whiff of Pit Bull (…that doesn’t sound right…) gave me the impression of a rich, garlicky Buffalo-Wing sauce. Nice vinegar bite – very appealing.

Consistency/Texture: This is a finely pureed sauce, very smooth but not at all runny.

Taste: My first thought as I tasted a spoonful of this sauce was… “I recognize this flavor… I’ve tasted this somewhere before.” It took me a while to place, but eventually I remembered the name… “Sriracha“. It’s a little sweeter than the popular Thai delicacy, and I actually found myself enjoying the texture much more. To me, Sriracha seems a bit grainy, whereas Pit Bull is pureed so smoothly that it goes down more like ketchup.

Pit Bull Burger

Heat: Taken alone, Pit Bull delivers a decent bite. The heat doesn’t linger for long though, and when eaten with food the spiciness tends to fade into the background a bit. I rate Pit Bull at 4 on a heat scale of 1 to 10.

Overall Impressions: I’m going to come right out and say it… I loved this sauce. My wife also really liked it, and she can be a bit picky when it comes to spicy food. We found that it went well with hamburgers, chicken, and Bratwurst…adding a pleasant garlicky-hot punch without overpowering the food. It was so good and versatile, I mopped up every last bit with my french fries. This one gets an instant promotion to my stable of regular sauces.

Pit Bull Hot Sauces
Available at: Pepper Heads Hot Sauces
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