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Review: Revenge Pit Bull Hot Sauce

Revenge Pit Bull Hot Sauce
Because Revenge is so Sweet
Pit Bull Reveng Hot SauceBottle Description: For those of you who said the Original Pit Bull Hot Sauce wasn’t hot Enough – Revenge is the Heat you’ve been asking for! Like our Original Recipe, Revenge starts out with Great Flavor and then Bites Back with Extreme Heat! one taste and you will agree. Revenge Pit Bull Hot Sauce is the Hot Sauce that Bites you Back!!!

Ingredients: Chili peppers, water, sugar, garlic, salt, distilled vinegar, honey, red Tabasco peppers, potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfate as preservatives and xanthan gum

Container: Wait. Is this hot sauce for your dog? What is this? I’m not a fan of the packaging really. It reminds me of the WWF in the early 1990’s for some reason. Could be the audacious PIT BULL on the scratched up background. If I saw it on the shelf I would pass it up.

Appearance: A rather concentrated red but if you look closely you can see the pepper skins in the sauce.

Smell: Sriracha? You know that smell right? Delicious! Well Pit Bull smells like Sriracha, except that it has more of an onion aroma to it while the Sriracha has a more garlicky nose to it.

Consistency: It’s got some run to it but it won’t get everywhere, it can hold its own on your sandwich or eggs without it running into your pancakes. However, the only problem is that this sauce tends to gunk up in the neck of the bottle (see picture). Makes the sauce look like a clogged artery impeding flow. So sometimes you gotta shake the hell out of the bottle to get your sauce going. Minor complaint but it can get annoying when you want your sauce FAST in some kind of life or death situation. I should note that if you are having a life or death situation with [tag]hot sauce[/tag] you might be addicted.

Pit Bull Revenge

Pit Bull Revenge

Taste: Quick Review: Sriracha +some garlic, +some onions.
the Tad Bit Longer Review: Sweet then garlicky mostly which tapers off with a bit of Tabasco pepper flavor. Good stuff.

Heat: (6.0/10) False advertising alert WeeeOhhhh WeeeOooh WeeeOooh. Don’t get me wrong, this stuff is damn good but it won’t set of the heat alarms in your mouth (which go AoooooGAH!). I don’t know what is being Revenged really. I can’t imagine the regular sauce could be any less hot.

Field Test: This is a sauce, which you can add to almost everything. Think of your favorite meal. BAM you can add this sauce to it. Will it be good on ice cream? I can tell you this. yes.

Final Word: This is an unassuming sauce. If it weren’t for Nick I would have never tried it because well its not visually appealing. But it tastes really good. I gotta be honest with you though, I wouldn’t throw out the Sriracha for the Revenge Pit Bull.

Overall: 8.4/10.0 Honestly you can stick to Sriracha if you want but still, this sauce is damn good.

Pit Bull Hot Sauces
Available at: Pepper Heads Hot Sauces
Bay Shore, LI, N.Y.
Established in 2002.
Owned and operated by Manny Ortiz, Lisa Anziano, Harlee and Syd the Pit Bull
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