Posted September 29, 2005 by Jim in Reviews

Review: Torchbearer #37 – Super Fancy Tarnation Sauce

Attention, chileheads! I now have a new favorite hot sauce! Torchbearer Tarnation be her name!

Torchbearer Tarnation Sauce... and a gourmet sub from Jimmy John's!!

Ingredients: Habanero Peppers, Carrolts, Onions, Mandarin Oranges, Tomato Concentrate, Garlic, Salt, Chili Powder, Black Pepper

Label: Jarvis, one of the Alley Boys, could grow hair on request. Got the ability due to his high consumption of #37 is what folks say. He could pop a moustache or chest hair by squatting down and grunting two or three times. Word has it that on occasion he grunted too hard. You can go ahead and figure out the rest of that for yourself. World’s 2nd hottest natural sauce. Scoville rating 38,202.

Appearance: This sauce has a beautiful orange color, attributed to the Mandarin orange and carrot. The sauce is super-thick, standing up all on its own like a good sauce should!

Smell: The smell is nice and light, redolent of Hawaiian breezes, due to the melding of the orange and the Habanero. Very pleasing aroma!

Tarnation SauceTaste: This sauce is not for the faint-of-heart or light-of-stomach! Though it’s not nearly the hottest stuff I’ve ever had (Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas still holds that honor — for now!), it does rank a close second. The first taste of this wonderful concoction reached my waiting mouth riding atop an original Pringle. I wasn’t expecting the burst of flavor I received! The Mandarin orange in this sauce gives it a terrific fruity, light flavor. I can easily see using this on pork, chicken, or seafood. My first thought was of grilled shrimp on a skewer. As I reached for a second chip, the fire hit me. Hoo, baby, that hurt good! The pain wasn’t nearly bad enough to stop, and the flavor was very easy to enjoy above the heat. I tried it on my sub, but decided that the orange flavor didn’t really work with the Italian dressing I selected. Oh, well, I’ll do better next time… I did, though, kill the rest of the chips with it!

Conclusion: All in all, this is a very nice, well-rounded sauce. This is quite easily the best sauce I’ve ever tasted! As I mentioned atop this post, Torchbearer Tarnation Sauce has already become a must-have item, and I intend to stock my pantry with it, so as not to run out! Thanks, Nick, for giving me the chance to review this fabulous sauce!

5.0 out of 5.0!

The heat'll do ya good, cha!