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TorchBearer News

TorchBearer Labels recognized by AdCritic & AdRants:
Created by Neiman Group, hot sauce and condiment company TorchBearer Sauces has recently launched a new set of product labels and website to reflect the wackiness of the packaging. Each sauce takes on a different character name and the qualities of that character are highlighted in stories that appear on the labeling.

Neiman Group Creative Director told AdCritic, “The work is oddball because the target consumer is, well, kind of weird. We’re talking to people who are connoisseurs of substances that leave blisters, cook up ulcers and light their hair on fire. They’re a little bit insane, a lot of fun and a heck of a lot more colorful that your average Joe.” Very interesting work. See it all here.

10 % Off All TorchBearer Sauces

TorchBearer Sauces online store is finally fully operational. And to celebrate they are having a Grand Opening Sale. You can get 10% off all of their national award winning sauces until mid November. Visit their store here.

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