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Review: Uncle Dougie’s Bada-Boom Habanero Mustard Hot Sauce

When I first looked at the bottle for Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Mustard Hot Sauce, I was pretty excited. I love mustard, and I love habaneros. And taken together, they are wonderful.

Mustard on Cracker

Checking out the ingredient list looked promising. Habanero peppers listed first, always a good sign. Then mustard, vinegar, garlic, salt, turmeric, and paprika.

The only Uncle Dougie’s product I’d had before was the Uncle Dougie’s “Chicago Style” Chicken wing marinade, which I use occasionally. Since that has good flavor but little heat, I was expecting a reasonably mild sauce.

On First Taste
The first sample I tried was on a Breton’s cracker. The contents smelled strongly of mustard, not too strong of a pepper scent. The mustard flavor comes on strong, nicely balanced with a light touch of initial heat. The vinegar, garlic and salt are very understated, but the spices give a supple flavor to the mustard and keep it from settling into a routine taste.

Uncle Dougies Mustard Sauce

By the time I swallowed, the heat came on. It takes a couple seconds to arrive, but there is an unexpected kick. For comparison, it’s much hotter than Tabasco, which quite surprised me. Also, the heat lingers for several minutes. As I ate a few more samples, the heat consistently built on itself until my mouth as at a pleasant, rolling buzz. I didn’t get to the point of sweating, but the heat was definitely enough to keep my mouth feeling alive.

On Food
What better to taste a mustard sauce on than a Sausage Hero? Replacing the normal yellow mustard I typically use on my sandwich with Dougie’s proved to be an exciting and flavorful experience. The sauce has a nice, thick consistency that sticks to food extremely well. It take s a little bit of caution when pouring, since it comes out in gobs rather than smoothly. It would almost be easier to use out of a squeeze bottle rather than a normal hot sauce bottle.

Sausage Dog & Mustard

As for the recommended usage of the sauce, anywhere you would normally use mustard but desire a good dose of burning, Uncle Dougie’s Bada Boom Habanero Mustard Sauce will fit in nicely.

In Conclusion
I highly recommend Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Mustard Sauce to anyone who likes mustard and hot foods. The taste is superb, the heat is ample, and the sauce is easy to eat.

Final Socre: 8.6 out of 10

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