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Stairway to Heaven

66,000 stairs. The equivalent of over 35 runs up the Empire State Building. Just short of 9 vertical miles. All in one 24 hour period.

On August 16th 2006, I (Jim Campbell) will attempt(!) to break the worlds’ record by exceeding those totals. This will be organized into a charity fund raiser and I hope to obtain the support of several local businesses in my fire district. There are several charities this will help, including the (Cancer research & the main beneficiary of the Houston Hot Sauce Festival), the Gainsville (FL) Hope Lodge, the LTG Tim Maude Foundation (my bro-in-law killed on 9-11), the Jim Cleek Scholarship Fund (a fellow firefighter on my dept who died of cancer), and the YMCA where I hope to do the attempt. Other charities can/will be added as the top ‘donor getters’ direct. I’m sure not going to do this just for the heck of it 🙂 Individuals will be able to donate based on per 1,000 stairs acheived or the number of hours on the machine.

Corporations can sponsor blocks of time & hang whatever banners & take whatever photos or video they care to in promoting their product.

ALL monies donated (100%) will be redistributed to charity. The books will be open for inspection for anyone who feels the need. I would like to write a check or two on behalf of the HSB to any/all of the named charities or any other that folks can come to an agreement on. A ‘name that charity’ contest? 🙂 I’m open to suggestions and will defer to Nick as final arbitrator. Nick has graciously and generously (as always!) agreed to establish an account so that blog members may donate.

I might be a bit premature in announcing this maybe, but I’m likely to be a bit unavailable for comment as I hit the training pretty hard these next few months. Thought I’d better explain in advance why orders & emails might be a bit slow in getting answered 😉

Wish me luck (just don’t expect a reply ;-), or even better, make a donation when the details are posted 🙂

Anybody on the blog specialize in knee replacements? 😛

Jim Campbell – Owner, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer Mild to Wild Pepper & Herb Co(R)

Lieutenant, Engine 111
Local 416, Indianapolis

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Over $8,500 raised!

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