Posted March 1, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

The Ultimate Signed Blogger Sauce

The collective here on the HSB has come up with quite an interesting idea. The general concept is to send a bottle of sauce around to everyone that participates (1 bottle per person) and each chilehead along the way signs the bottle. So the bottle that you end up with could have the signatures of some of the biggest hot sauce collectors in the world.

Here’s how I see this happening:

  • If you’re interested in participating, leave a comment and make sure to put your email address in the email box. If I don’t already have your address, I’ll contact you about obtaining that information. Please note: The collective reserves the right to veto out anyone.
  • The bottle that has been un-officially nominated is the Hot Blog Sauce.
  • The cost to participate will depend on the number of participants (the number of participants determines the number of shipping labels). Sweat ‘N Spice will pre-print labels for each label, so when you receive a label to sign, all you have to do is sign it, put it in another envelope to the next person on the list and send it on it’s way.
  • A check sheet with detailed instructions on who to send it to next will be included, along with a pen to sign with (should we use silver or black?)
  • Each label will be sent out with a ordered list, but each list will be ordered differently. Labels will then need to be sent back here to HSB headquarters, where we will then put them on the bottles, verify the signatures, notify you, take payment and then send out your bottle. Your official documentation will be the check sheet that will be all filled out by the time you receive your bottle.

Update 3/1/06 – 9:30PM
1. Deadline for getting in on this is EOD Friday 3/3 (most traffic on the blog happens during the week) so this should be ample time for anyone interested to sign up.

2. The bottle will a standard 5oz bottle. The size of the label is still up for debate – that’s dependant on what I have quick access to. Remeber, we have to get this labels printed up in a special run.

3. Everyone that wants in is still in at this point. I really don’t want to exclude anyone that wants in, that defeats the purpose of this project. If we have to hire the rice signing guy, then we’ll hire him just to get everyone in.

4. We will be doing labels. As much as I love the bottle idea, there’s too much potential for breakage, plus the labels will be a lot cheaper to ship for all involved.

5. While the deadline for submission is Friday, it will take a week or longer afterwards to get the labels situated – everyone is going to be in NM for the weekend.

6. If you decide to sell yours on eBay when all is said and done, may hot sauce work its way into the most unfortunate places on your body.

Nick Lindauer

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