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Three Hot Tamales Fiery Foods Show Collectible

THT FFS Collectible

Three Hot Tamales First EVER Specialty Bottle is being unveiled at the 2007 Fiery Foods and BBQ Show, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Made of the finest quality imported glass these red amphora 5.8 oz glass bottles are filled with none other then our Multi Award Winning Hot Sauce “Cry Baby”. These bottles truly emanate the Hot Tamale image of keeping it sleek and sexy. Each bottle hangs on their own black speckled wrought iron stand.

This collection of only 48 bottles are delicately etched by hand by a master glass artisan, Randy Mardrus.

Because of the fragile nature of these bottles, we will be taking pre orders and they will be shipped upon our return from New Mexico.

The bottles are priced at $125.00 (includes shipping). Limit: 2 bottles per person.

Kristi, Lisa and Jodie will be happy to sign your bottles. Please request this when ordering. We are going to do our best to accommodate the numbers that people want, we ask that they give us at least 3 numbers they would like.

To order:
Email Kristi here.


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