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Torchbearer Sauce #37 Super Fancy Tarnation Sauce

Tarnations #37 Hot Sauce

Ok… I have to admit… I didn’t like this sauce very much. I am used to habanero sauces, and I shake them onto pizza etc like some folks use ketchup. But this one…. this stuff is beyond HOT and really doesn’t taste all that good.

My first plan was to try it on a plate of pasta. It smells great. I took out a great spoonful and topped off one part of a plate of pasta with it. I expected to take half and half tomato sauce and Torchbearer, and mix the two together if need be.

Tarnations #37 Hot Sauce

Need be.

Need be a whole lot more pasta… say enough to fill the bathtub, and I bet it would have still made you tear up.

I added parmesan to the half-and-half pasta but wasn’t able to eat it. Too hot!

Then I tried one drop (teeny) on two large pasta noodles. Wowsers! When you first open your mouth and taste it, you get a slightly bitter taste… some of the seasoning in the sauce is a bit overpowering for my tastebuds. The ingredients list habanero peppers, carrots, onions, mandarin oranges, tomato concentrate,(with another whole list of what makes tomato concentrate), garlic, salt, chili powder, black pepper. There is no taste hint of the oranges or tomato that I could discern, but something tastes bitter. Then the hab taste…. and I think, man, this is good, this is hot, and ………..pass the yogurt!!! I had a couple of spoonfuls of yogurt and some cheese and it was still some time before I could taste anything again.

If you are using this as an additive sauce, go gently. If you like it hot and you don’t mind a bit of a bitterness before the heat, go gently still, because it’s so thick, it tends to come out of the jar in a dollop.

If this is #37, I wouldn’t want to try #40.

Nick Lindauer

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