Posted March 15, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Twas The Day After The Contest

Twas the day after the contest
All the hype has died down
Some faces have smiles
Most just a frown

People were psyched
Cause they all had a chance
This was the one contest
To have the last dance

All hoped as they waited
For the great one to speak
Minutes seemed like hours
As their knees became weak

Their hearts would pound
As they checked the HSB
No news as of yet
They’d have to wait and see

For when the winners had been picked
They would all soon know
Who walked away a winner
From this prestigious show

People poured out their souls
As they wrote about their stash
With bottles from Blair’s
CaJohn, Daves, and Danny Cash

Then came some news
That all wanted to hear
The winners had been picked
The moment was near

The names were announced
All gazed with their eyes
For with this announcement
Came a great big surprise

10 people had won
Instead of the 5
All were in shock
Some started to cry

Everyone had a shot
At this prize to win
And those that had lost
Need to hold up their chin

For Blair had thanked all
For Feeling Alive
And spoke of another contest
That wasn’t far behind…

~ Another Chris & Ryan Joint Effort

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog