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Alrighty, I’m trying to write this from a hotel in Chicago, so it will be brief as the connection is spotty at best. I just wanted to drop a short note to everyone out there to let folks know whats going on. Lately I’ve been disconnected from pretty much all things HSB – but not for any particular reason. I’m just enjoying life with a house these days – spent this past Saturday scaling our roof to get Christmas lights up – sorry to report but I didn’t break my neck 😉 .

I’m here in Chicago this week for work – as some of you know, my “real” job is something to do with websites. Well, that’s at least what seems to get translated to folks when I try to explain what I do. Just so we’re all on the same page, my official title is SEM Director – alternatively, Search Engine Marketing Director. I don’t design websites, but I do everything around getting visitors to a website and getting them to convert. So why this little blurb here on the HSB? Well, while doing a session this morning, a few questions were posed to me in regards to website conversions and as I discussed with the room full of small business website owners, my mind began to wander and I thought about all of the chilehead websites out there that start with the best of intentions but sometimes fail in the process.

So, all that being said – the thought crossed my mind to do website reviews. Here’s the deal – if you’d like your website and/or online marketing campaign reviewed, just send me a note below. Now – if you do submit your site for the free review, it will be posted here for all to learn from, so please be aware of that – all of the stipulations for product reviews apply. However, if you would like a private consultation you can contact me using the same form below and we can work something out. Will work for hot sauce is my moto. 🙂


When you submit your site, please let me know what areas you’d like me to touch on:
– SEM (PPC & Online Media)
– Design
– Architecture
– Customer Conversion
– E-commerce
– All of the above?

And please make sure to submit using a working email address (and the website URL) – I will have questions and will need to contact you to get those answered.

P.S. Please don’t expect any sort of email response until I get back to TX. I may get to you before Friday, but no promises.


Nick Lindauer

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