Posted February 14, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

You Know You Have a Hot Sauce Problem if…

Your fridge looks like this:
Nick's Refrigerator Door
This is just the side door of my fridge.
Contents include:

  • Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity
  • Marie Sharp’s Beware
  • Cholula
  • (2) Tabasco Chipotle
  • Mad Dog Liquid Fire
  • Maple Syrup (Wife’s)
  • Anal Agony
  • Pain Is Good Batch #218
  • Joe Perry’s Boneyard Brew
  • Mad Anthony’s Fiery mustard
  • Taste of Thai
  • Ring of Fire X-Tra Hot Habanero
  • Schizophrenic Fresh Cream Indulgence
  • Marie Sharp’s Belizean Heat
  • Blair’s Sudden Death
  • Dave’s Cool Cayenne
  • Dave’s Ultimate Insanity
  • Baboon Ass Gone Rabid
  • Chef D Rock Original
  • Tabasco Spicy Soy Sauce
  • Trappy Cayenne Sauce

And that’s just the side door. Inside you’ll find:

Inside my Fridge
Anything on the right is the wife’s (notice it’s all healthy) and on my side it’s pretty sad to see that the only thing edible are green olives. And they are spicy green olives. There’s spicy peanut butter, spicy jams and jellies and wing sauces. Hmm, yes I’d have to say that this qualifies as an addiction.

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