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Zest Fest 2006 – Day & Night 1

For all that can’t make it, no worries, you are in our every cheer. Those that are here, man, I hope you have asprin for tomorrow…
(videos to follow)..

Defcon, this one is for you! Congrats on the award! And same to all those that won tonight! (Dr. Gonzo’s Habanero Mash took #1 – CaJohn took most of the other #1’s, with some #2’s and #3’s mixed in). Scotty B – Congrats! (more to come on the winners later…). Captain Thom – man, we love your keychains – congrats!

Defcon Hom(how you spell that) returns!
What’s wrong with this picture?

More Zest Fest pictures here (Flickr) – reminder to those that are here, send me you pictures (especially of the mechanical bull!)

** Commentary on the pictures: Some will be used for a few upcoming caption this contests & the boob shots were not my idea! But thank you to whoever thought of it 😉

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