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DC Hot Trivia Question #1

Danny Cash Trivia Contest
Question #1

Name the hot sauce that was recalled / renamed because of legal threats from some very ‘hungry’ lawyers.
(Hint #1: Baltimore)
(Hint #2: It’s now produced under a different name)
(Hint #3: Millions of spam emails relating to the original name are sent out every day)

1. Post a comment with your answer – Leave your correct email address as well.
2. First correct answer will recieve the gift tin, shipped from Danny Cash’s location in Colorado.
3. HSB reviewers are not eligible.
4. You may only win once, but feel free to answer as many questions as you can.
5. Questions will be posted each month at random.
6. Winners will be contacted by the HSB for delivery information.

Winners will recieve (1) FireEaters Gift Tin. Each gift tin includes: 1 bottle of Danny Cash’s Bottled Up Anger, 1 bottle of Danny Cash’s Radical Heat, 1 bottle of Danny Cash Stays Cool, and 1 jar of Danny Cash’s Flaming Habanero Mustard.

Danny Cash Gift Set

“A slow delicious punch in the face.” – Joel Brown

Congrats to Eric for coming up with the correct answer: Bayou Viagra.
Hint #1 Explained: Baltimore -> Orioles -> Rafael Palmeiro -> Viagra -> Bayou Viagra

Once upon a time, Hongry Hawg brewed a variation of Butt Burner with habaneros and called it Bayou Viagra. Unfortunately, that did not amuse a certain large pharmaceutical company, which unleashed some hungry lawyers on Hongry Hawg. So now it’s called Bayou Love Potion.

Even though Hongry Hawg can’t allude to the V**gra name anymore, they recently unveiled Bayou Pecker Power, a Caribbean-style pepper sauce with “Quality you can hang your hat on.” You can test the tumescent powers of Hongry Hawg Products by ordering them from www.cajunsauce.com. **Source: Fiery-Foods

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