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Hot Sauce Haiku WINNERS!

Hello all,

Okay, this took me a few days to work out. Actually, I am still recovering from the EAGLES VICTORY OVER THE COWBOYS (sorry all you Texas folks, but you can take some solace in UT’s victory over the Sooners.)

Anyway, I had a great time reading all of your… poetry?… KIDDING! It was great. Now, all of the votes have been tallied, and the results are in, and… WE HAVE A TIE! The competition was fierce, and Hot Sauce Blog member BigShow pulled out the tie in the last 10 minutes. It was like watching Rocky XVI – The Haiku Contest. I like the part where they had to cut Rocky’s eyelid so he could still see to type the last line of the poem.

I actually have written the screenplay, but Stallone won’t call me back. Jerk.

Thanks to everyone who submitted Haikus, everyone who voted, and all of the HSBers (that’s Hot Sauce Bloggers, visit http://www.hotsauceblog.com) for blogging all of the great haikus. We actually had two or three whole days where we only posted in haiku. It was cool! Not like Fonzie cool, but cool nonetheless.

So, here are the final results:

39 votes for:
The Habanero
Hell is just one bite away
As the Devil grins

Written by Mike Ferry from Catasauqua, PA


Here is my Haiku
For Mike to be the Judge of
And Chileheads too.

Written by Paul “BigShow” from Southington, CT

I also had a couple of favorites:

Pepper passion burns
Like orange flames of the sun
the fire never doused

Written by Anthony Prugo from Toronto, Ontario


“Me So Hot” Sauce Jar:
Like an ancient, Asian urn,
holds the fire spirit.

Written by Scott Walter from Plymouth, MN

The winners each get a Baby That’s Hot T-Shirt, a jar of the Blaze Orange, and a new concoction I have been working on: Blaze Orange Vinaigrette. I was eating a salad and added some Blaze Orange to it, and that was the eureka moment. It is still really in testing stages, but I will send out a preview bottle to each of the two top vote-getters, as well as to each of my picks.

Thanks again everyone,

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog