Posted March 26, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

To My Fellow Chileheads

Ok my fellow chileheads, collector’s, connoisseurs of hot sauce, those interested in learning about all things hot, and the ones that I can refer to as my brothers.

It seems that HSB has grown into quite the place over the last several months. With this growth we have kept Nick busy with all of our suggestions, comments, new ideas, and all of our antics. Somehow Nick manages to stay on top of all this by constantly adapting to our ever growing needs.

HSB has kept us on top of all the latest from the Blair’s Holiday/B-99 Reserve, to Defcon days. It has kept us tuned into the events from NM during the Fiery Foods Show and has supported us through the long weeks during the famous cutting-room floor contest where 6 of the 10 winners have called HSB home. It has spawned its own Hot Sauce and has brought a group bonded by a common interest together to create their own signed bottle.

It has introduced many new faces and sauces and always has room to welcome more. We now have a pimp your sauce, a place to sell and trade, and even a place to chat about whatever you feel. Almost everything a chilehead can imagine you will find here.

I personally want to thank Nick for all he has done and will continue to do to make HSB what it is.

There have been many friendships made and many battles fought.
In the end I think we all can agree.
There can’t always be harmony, but there will always be a chilehead bond.
Here on the HSB.

~ Chris K.

Nick Lindauer

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