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2006 Fiery Foods Show – Saturday Evening Habaneros

After MSK & I ate the chocolate covered habaneros at the Screaming Monkey booth Friday night, we eventually met back up again at the Spepper booth and low and behold they had a jar of pickled habaneros. So in our infinite wisdom, we struck a deal to each eat another habanero on Saturday (geniuses). As with every dumb brilliant idea, we attracted a crowd of folks that also wanted to partake in the festivities. (or maybe it was just the pack mentallity).

Pre Habanero Eating
Front Row L to R: Danny Cash & MSK
Back Row L to R: Lee, Nick, Pepperman, Cheffy, Spepper Man, Some guy and Mad Reilly.

Approaching Habanero
The Countdown

Post habanero
Not that bad actually

Round 2
Nick & MSK going for round 2 while everyone else crys

Bad Idea
Post Round 2

That one got me
That one got me. Little tear…

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