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2007 Fiery Foods Show Schedule

Thursday, March 1
Chileheads descend on NM – Manufacturers setting up.
Those available meet at 7pm in the lobby of the Sandia – drinks and debauchery to begin.
The public is not allowed within the showroom floor on this day.

Friday, March 2
Fiery Foods Show:
9am-4pm, trade only
4pm-7pm, trade and general public

Expect lots of running around and talking during the 9-4 show.

From 3-5pm, anyone that is interested in heading out to the hot sauce shops listed here, meet in the lobby at 2:45 and we’ll car pool over. Several bloggers have car rentals for those that do not.

Also, tattoos will take place during this time, if your up for it

8pm: Everyone: Meet in the lobby of the Sandia – 1st Blogger Group Photo to be taken. HSB Ultimate Blog Sauce Bottles to be handed out.
Poker: Starts @ 8:30-9pm, Location TBD – Awards have been ordered. Everyone to bring 1 bottle of hot sauce as your ante.

Saturday, March 3
Fiery Foods Show:
9am-11am, trade only
11am-7pm, trade and general public

Golf: Tee time 9am – if your interested, meet in the lobby at 8:30am
Habanero Eating Photo Op: 2pm – Location & Pepper Supplier TBD (any volunteers?)
Fiery Foods Show Dinner: El Pinto, 7:30p (no need to make reservations)

Sunday, March 4
Fiery Foods Show:
9am-11am, trade only
11am-6pm, trade and general public

Group Photo Op: 10:30am, in front of the doors to the show. Everyone that can be present, please do so.
Go-Carts: If we can get the guy to return our calls, it’s looking like Sunday AM.

Manufacturers: Your Experience
Like last year, we’d like any manufacturer interested to do a write up of their experience at the 2007 Fiery Foods Show. You can read about Defcon’s 2006 Experience here. It’s your chance to tell the readers about the show from your perspective & share some of your photos as well! If you’re interested, send an email to 2007 FF Show Manufacturers and we’ll make sure to supply you with all relevant information. Everyone is welcome & encouraged to participate.

Everyone: We will designate someone as the person to collaberate with on all your photos. Like Zest Fest, we’re going to gather everyones photos from the show and put them into a slide show for all to enjoy. Most photos can be collected on Sunday AM at the Group Photo Op, but if you are leaving before then, please let us know.

Daily Updates:
Each day, the HSB will feature daily updates and recaps of the previous day – check in to see what’s going on for that day. Many manufacturers will have computer access at their booths if you don’t want to run up to your room during the day.

HSB Shirts
If you’ve got one, don’t forget to wear it! There’s no better way to spot a fellow HSBer from the crowd – especially for those new to the fold.

Did I miss anything?

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