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Poker & Tattoos in New Mexico

First, the 2nd Annual Penrod Pepper Co & HSB Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament is on! Due to the schedule of the dinner on Saturday night, we’ve decided to move the poker game to Friday night, unless anyone has any major objections. Jack will be bringing two tables & the chips and I’ve got the trophies. Now all we need to know is who will be interested in playing so we can get a head count. The ante is 1 bottle of hot sauce per player.

So who’s in?

Caveat IISecond, I had made a comment (joking) in the CaJohn’s Caveat II thread about the logo making a great tattoo. Well, Cheffy went above and beyond the call of chilehead duty and actually found a very reputable tattoo parlor in NM that’s about 10 minutes away from the casino. He sent them the image and got the tattoo priced out.

For a version of the Caveat II logo about playing card size and in black w/shading it’ll cost about $80. If you are up for it, please let us know by Thursday at noon, Cheffy will get a count of the names and call the place to let them know. The appointments will be on Friday in the afternoon and each tattoo will take about 30 minutes to an hour.

I must say that Custom Tattoo Company does great work from what I can see in their gallery. I love this chile pepper tattoo.

And, for everyones reference, I’ve updated the Fiery Foods Schedule to reflect these changes & additions. But by no means does anyone have to go by the schedule, it’s just a collaboration of all the events that are happening over the weekend to help everyone out.

While cruising the net, I did find these various chile pepper related tattoos as well:
chili pepper chinese symbols
single pepper
Little pepper
Chile Pepper

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