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Please take a moment to read the HSB Mission Statement is managed and run by me, Nick Lindauer. is used for the sole purpose of communicating hot sauce related news, reviews & events to the chileheads community. Plus, it’s fun! I also run a digital marketing agency here in Houston. FORTHEA Interactive a digitally focused agency that specializes in increasing your online ROI. If you have any web questions – just ask.

My passion is hot sauce – plain and simple. Those who know me know full well that I put everything I have into all things hot sauce. This site was started in 2004 and in late 2008, for various reasons, I had to divert my attention elsewhere – so the site has been re-started as of 2012. This is the first “Hot Sauce Blog” – often copied but never duplicated.

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HSB Heat Scale for Reviews:
1. Water
2. A sprinkle of black pepper
3. Mild
4. A little tingle on the tongue
5. Comfortably medium
6. Causes the nose to run
7. Causes large quantities of beer to be imbibed
8. Hot – Hiccup alarm good
9. Makes the Baby Jesus cry
10. Causes severe diarrhea or rabid salivating

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