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Baby That’s Hot! December Newsletter

Hello all!

So, there I was visiting the frozen head of Ted Williams at the cryogenic storage facility, enjoying a banana. I finished the banana and carelessly dropped the peel on the floor, and, long story short, I missed my monthly email last month. Good news, at 30-45 minutes defrost time per pound, I should be fully thawed by Christmas.

How’s that for an excuse? No? Okay. Well, then enjoy this Christmas gift! Or two. Or three.


Holiday Specials!

I have received a great request for a “budget” version of the Hot Sauce of the Month club. So, until Christmas only, for $48 you can gift a sauce only (no t-shirt, no special sauces) Sauce of the Month Club. For details, as well as the $3.99 Gourmet Hot Sauce of the Month and $4.99 regular sauces, visit



I have been asked by some of our more – er – buxom – friends for 2XL t-shirts. Well, I am not making anything off of them, but, HEY! It’s Christmas, right?! So, if you got back (and/or front), and you need a cool t-shirt, come on by!

Visit to check out all the options. Pictures of the new t-shirts (they are black) coming soon.


December’s Featured Sauce — s???

Seriously, if you have a sauce named Triple Dog Dare, you really have to make it a featured sauce in December. But that’s only half of it… Green, Christmas, it needs something more… Red! So, here it is: The sauceS of the month are Triple Dog Dare AND Lagrimas Del Diablo. And as usual, the sauce of the month is… wha? $3.99? for two?

That’s right. Two sauces for $3.99. Now, this is a very special deal, so please, take it easy on me here. I have to limit this to one order per customer for the entire month, and this is an ONLINE ONLY special. Merry Christmas! Visit to buy or to see more of our sauces.


The reviews are in (again!)

Wow, I am so very proud of these. Baby That’s Hot! has gotten some very good reviews on the AWESOME Hot Sauce Blog ( If you’ve never been to the site, it is so choice. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the means. (Ferris Bueller quote, if you didn’t get that.) I am proud to present the following links:

Review: Baby That’s Hot – Blazin Orange Hot Sauce

Review: Triple Dog Dare Hot Sauce
Review: Me So Hot Hot Sauce

I am also getting around to sending out to another foodie/hot sauce fan site or two for reviews. I will keep you posted. (I promise, Doug… on the way within the week.)


Okay, well, that’s about it. Coming next month, a return to quizzo at the Dawson Street Pub (third Thursday good for you? Okay then.) Also, I tried out a few experiments with the leftover pumpkin pie filling and cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving. I may be doing something special for January there. Stay tuned!

Happy holidays and all that!

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog