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Collector’s Bottles @ Zest Fest 2006

With all the jabber and the long list of HSB attendees going to Zest Fest this year, there’s one thing missing for the collectors. A checklist of collectible bottles that will be at the event. Correction, any decent collector knows all bottles are collectible, but these puppies are being made especially for Zest Fest 2006 – and in limited numbers! (plus we need to know how much $$ to bring, right?). And if you want to be sure the manufacturers know who you are, make sure you’ve got a collector’s badge and tell them you were sent from the HSB. (seriously, they’ll love to hear that!)

  • T-99 (That’s right, it’s the T-99 not 59) – Brand New Giant 7 oz Cobalt Blue Glass bottle from Spain. It is Cork finished layered in multiple hand dipped resins”¦Topped with a 24k Gold dipped Skull then tagged off with a solid brass hand engraved number tag”¦..All in a New Jumbo Display Case”¦.This is part of a Trilogy Series””- 99 For Texas””-299 Halloween””-299 Holiday”¦.The Cost for the T-99 is $150 Per Bottle. Limit of 2 per Person
  • Caveat Emptor (only 100 available at ZF)
  • Bret’s Eat $hit & Howl at the Moon – (signed by Bret – free @ CaJohn’s booth w/ password BWANA Bret Sent Me)
  • Arizona Jack’s Death In The Desert Habanero Hot Sauce – ZF Special – INSANE DITD #1 is now on eBay
  • Danny Cash ZF Special Sauce
  • Mild to Wild Collectibles (Jim’s not talking)
  • Loco Luna Lava Festival Reserve
  • Nandos – Free item for those that mention the HSB
  • Three Hot Tamales Toxic Tonic – Only 48 will be sold at ZF, signed and numbered for attendees. After ZF, you can get a bottle to eat from SNS (only after ZF)
  • Danny Cash Collector’s Bottles: NOS & iHot – more information here

If I’ve missed any collectibles or if you have more information on them you would like to share, please drop me an email. And remember, when you are cruising the booths at the show, keep telling them the HSB sent you – you never know what sort of free stuff you’ll get!

Oh and if you are going from the HSB, please make sure you are on the roll call list – I’ll be setting up a special mailing list for all HSB attendees this weekend so we can all communicate during the event. If you’re not on the list, then you won’t be looped into all the party information!

If you are unable to attend ZF but want to lay your hands on a collectible bottle without paying through the nose, contact me. I’ll be endeavoring to hook those HSBers up that can’t make it to the show with collectibles from the show, but please make any requests early – that way I can know what I need to look for. There will be no markup on these items for HSBers.

Nick Lindauer

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