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T-99 Update & Other Questions Answered by Blair

In case you missed the discussion here last night, Blair gave us some interesting information in regards to the T-99 status for Zest Fest. Below is the meat of the conversation but if your curious you can see it in it’s entirety on the Collector’s ZF Thread.

Part 1:
OK”¦.So here is the Deal”¦.All the T-99 are Finsihed”¦4 Different looking bottles”¦..25 Gold Topped, 25 Blue Topped, 25 Platinum Topped and 24 White topped. All have a 24k Gold Skull and a Hand engraved Brass number plate”¦.Plus each label has Two coded messages that can only be complete with the TrilogySet. -Texas-halloween-Holiday””That is Part one

Part 2:

These Bottles are Massive 3 1/2 times the Size of a 2am Etc. I have great concern about shipping 99 Bottles to Texas (Breaking) Hours and Hours have gone into these bottles””Also With the added Airport issues my Chilipals would not be able to carryon these bottles”¦After lots of thinking I have decided not to send to Texas

Part 3:
So here is the Deal””They will still only be available for purchase at the Texas Show. You will receive a voucher with your purchase after you fill out shipping info”¦Then Within 5 days after the show Every bottle will be packaged and shipped with the proper protection at no additional charge. I will have one of each style at the show for Display. I hope this plan makes everyone happy. I feel it is really in the very interest of my Chilipals. I would hate more than anything for you to purchase one of these very special bottles only to have it wrecked in your bags”¦.Please let me know your thoughts

I of course wanted everyone to be able to take their bottle home with them and believe me it would be easier than shipping 99 bottles around the country for free. But it would suck to get a call from a Chilipal after they got home from the show that their bottle broke from an Airline. So I am certain this is the best way.

This was my call”¦I will not charge anyone for shipping their bottle”¦.Problem For us is”¦.The Displays had been sent on the pallet.So Now We have to figure that situation out”¦These are Custom Jumbo Displays”¦.Sent weeks ago..I made the call to not ship the bottles VIA UPS AIR on Firday”¦.

On another note
We had planned our new site to launch Yesterday”¦..But still tweaking it”¦I cannot wait for everyone to see what has been going on”¦I have brought some wonderful new people to Blairs and have the best crew working with I could have ever hoped for. The site will have Bio’s on all 14 of my inner core crew that make what I do so much fun”¦.Plus Our Entire new Company -Blair Labs Inc. Opening November 2006

Blair, whats the scoville on the T-99?
The T-99 has many layers”¦Rnaging from 480k on the base””then 1.6 mill””then 6.4 mill”¦.Then 10 mill..Then I Sprinkled a Few Micro Grams of 16 Million Crystals on top. (Just for the Karma of it)

Also, I got a card in the mail today saying the wing sauce is available, I havnt seen it on the web site yet”¦is it ready?

My Wing Sauce Was finished bottled and done”¦.I have to say everyone thought it was great I thought I could do better. We Trashed 200 cases of Wing Sauce. Not the First time I have done that”¦
The 200 cases was a Test Batch”¦..Like I said it happens”¦..I am remaking it .Should be out soon”¦..

Anything else on the radar for new products?

YES”¦.1st Wing Sauce ( As you can see)”¦.A mini 4 pack of the Heat Sauces in Early October. New Chip Flavor sometime in October. New SuperHot Before 2007. And the opening of Blair Labs. Something that has been in the works for almost 4 years

So “¦No better group to ask than HSB. How Should I decide on who to offer the 4 bottles of T-99 that will be at the show. give me some ideas Please!

Nick Lindauer

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