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Death to Leftovers

A little game I like to play when the wife is away: death to leftovers.

Death to Hot SauceThe rules:
Player must be under the influence of at least one pint.
Leftovers must be used.
Super hot sauce must be used.

Equipment (for this game):
Blair’s Jersey Death Sauce
Leftover boneless buffalo wings
Leftover quesadilla
Knob creek and coke
Paper towels

Pre game pep talk:
With the fun stuff out of the way, it’s time to eat. One may ask how I keep the skull on the bottle of death, simply use a razor blade to cut under the edge and your skull will remain on the bottle. Keeps ’em looking like new which is a pretty good thing when you have a super hot sauce like Jersey Death in your fridge, a sauce that will stick around much longer then most.

You’ll notice in this photo:

Death to Hot Sauce

that Blair’s Jersey Death has a pour spout, unlike Blair’s After Death (and Mega Death I believe) – Very good idea with a sauce like this, it’s reported to be twice as hot as Mega Death which rates at 550,000 scoville units. Considering Tabasco is just a mere 2,500 I’d say that’s pretty damn hot. Notice the puzzle in the picture above? The wife has commandered the coffee table in the living room for her latest conquest. Some 1,000 piece photo mosaic puzzle.

Pouring Blair's Jersey Death Super thick as well, after pouring your weapon take a moment to use paper towel number one to wipe the lip of the bottle and replace the cap. This will also help preserve the overall life of your hot sauce.

Game time:
After the first pass, take sometime to reflect and make sure you can finish the game. Jersey death is no joke. A dab on the end of a chip will have you gulping for air. But for some reason, Jersey death doesn’t hit me the way Mega Death does, it may be the tomato base. Mega death will take me out of the game with one shot, but Jersey Death and I go the full 10 rounds.

Now on to the main event – Death to Wings, not your average dinner. What’s the point of eating such hot wings? None really, other then they are damn tasty and I’m determined to finish off some of the bottles of hot sauce in my fridge before the years out. That’s a lot of hot sauce consumption. Not anything that the Smoking Tongue can’t take on, except for one small factor. The sauces in my fridge are mostly super hots and for a good reason, anything that won’t kill me or destroy the toilet gets consumed before the wife can yell at me for yet another hot sauce bottle laying around.

If your not used to Jersey Death, take your time playing this game. Treat it like a game of chess. March your wings into battle and brace your tongue for the beating it’s about to recieve. On the fork goes the wing, dunk in death sauce and over the palate it goes. The crowd cheers – you’ve just completed lap one of 5 (5 leftover wings that is). Repeat the steps above & take a drink between rounds.

By the end of the game, your nose will be running and you might even be sweating. And the next day, definately plan on taking it a bit easy.

Blair's Jersey Death Finale
The field after a game

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