Posted July 9, 2006 by Creator in Makers

Defcon Day #3

Yup, another DEFCON Day has been slated!
Here we go again, another DEFCON Day is coming up on Saturday, July 22, once again at what is becoming our HQ, The Alley, in Berkeley Heights, NJ. I’ve been told we are getting our Coors “Aco-Light” girl, Christie, back for this one. For those of you who never met her, she’s a trip!

We’ll be doing the standard, free wings all day long, DEFCON actionwear and sauce raffles, and of course, another WING EATING CONTEST!!! The prize has yet to be determined, but I can guarantee you, it’ll be something good! Those of you who weren’t able to make it to the last one, you saw the pics on the blog. If you are anywhere close to NJ, I’d suggest making it for this go around. It has become a cult hit, and Hell, who doesn’t want the best Damn wings of 2006 for free?

Just an update. Just 15 days until the next Defcon Day installment. From the e-mails I’ve received, this should be a good one. And the ChrisK/Huvason “Wing Eating Deathmatch” should be a great photo-op for anyone with a camera. I’ve been toying around with a couple of ideas, and I’ve become fond of this idea:

Each contestant will get either 5 or 10 wings (I haven’t decided yet) of .5 (yes, Defense Condition point 5, some #1 with a mix of a pre-release Batch #3) sauce, and they will have 5 minutes to eat them. I’ll be wearing my respirator and goggles when serving these.

Anyway, for those with functioning pain receptors, we will be having 2 other contests, one with the #2 sauce, for the general public, and another with the #1 sauce. I haven’t come up witht he prizes yet, but I’m debating a group of homemade (by MY hand, not the co-packers) sauces and Super-Sized Habby Horses (the new one).

** You can read the wing eating contest jabber in the HSB forums here.