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Few Remaining Caveat Emptor’s Available

If you didn’t get to pick one of these gorgeous bottles up at Zest Fest, now is your chance. Limited numbers remain, so please send an email to collectors ‘@’ hotsauceblog.com containing your: mailing address, email, phone number and any bottle # requests (not all requests can or will be honored, but we’ll do our best). Cost: $100 plus shipping.

Caveat Emptor

To commemorate our 10 years of participating in Fiery Food and Industry shows, CaJohn is releasing a Limited edition set of mirror-finished etched flasks dubbed Caveat Emptor “let the buyer beware!” They are filled with 4 ounces of straight oleoresin of capsicum rated by it’s manufacturer at 4 million Scoville units. There will be 100 of these bottles sold at Zestfest in Ft Worth, Texas and another 100 sold at the Fiery Foods Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each show will feature a different front graphic of a gargoyle. On the back will be the required information and the location of the show. The price for these flasks will be $100.00, profits from these unique bottles will be donated to charities dear to John and Sue Hard who own CaJohns Fiery Foods Company.

Simply Gorgeous Bottle…

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