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Henry Knake’s Hot Sauce Collection

Some of you may remeber Henry as the guy that out bid you on the #35 B-99 (on eBay) – making him one of the few people that owns both a B-99 reserve and a 2005 Holiday Reserve. The most interesting item in Henry’s collection has to be the Chile North IceHot Sauces – I’ve certainly never seen them around before.

Top Rack of Hot Sauce

2nd Shelf of Hot Sauce

3rd Shelf of hot sauce

Bottom of the hot sauce shelf

A word from Henry…
I guess the greatest use of Blair’s sauces is as displays for all of my visiting company to view and admire. Along with the questions, why someone would be inclined to save such a commodity. My answer is that everyone has a passion for doing something different than the average person; this is mine. This all started years ago when I served in the US Army, during which time I was introduced to uses for [tag]Hot Sauce[/tag]. Basically, we used Tabasco (it was an issued item) on everything we ate; the reason it changed the great flavor of well known (Military Chow).

After retiring from the service, I used to carry my mini bottle of Tabasco with me to places I consumed food. Over the past years I have grown my own Habanero/Serrano/Thai Peppers and after drying used a blender and make my own shakes of individual named peppers or a combination of these. This was a great experience.

By the way this mixture is great to keep squirrels out of flower beds. (Saves a lot of Hot Sauce).

Then I decided to try the Great Blair’s Hot Sauce; after a few of the bottles I have to become attached to the SUDDEN DEATH, it last forever (just me using), has a great flavor and does well on all the edible dishes that I enjoy.

My collection is primarily of sauces made with Haberano peppers, with the exception when I want a complete set of sauces such as Blair’s. My most prized collection is probably 5 fold: Blair’s Caldera; The Blair’s Reserve AM series; The added LeMillion The Holiday Series (missing Halloween 04).

Lastly I have acquired what I feel is a collectible unlike any other because of the unique bottles that are used, they are shown in photos from “ICEHOT” from Chili North LTD. From left is #001 of 180 the first made in 2000, #003 of 180 of year 2001, #002 of 180 of year 2002, #002 of 360 of year 2003(certificates included) Made only for these 4 years due to the supply of bottle were no longer available. They continued making IceHot with a smaller bottle.

My last one that I am working on is the upcoming CaJohn’s [tag]hot sauce collection[/tag].

Ice Hot Sauce

Blair's AM Series

The Best of the Best

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