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HSB Logos by Angry Pepper Graphix

HSB Banner Logo

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HSB Magazine Ad

All the above logos and ads were done by Ryan @ Angry Pepper Graphix just before we all headed off the Zest Fest. When I first commissioned Ryan to work on the HSB images, I provided him with a few sizes, some standard images, a font and let him do his thing. In less then a week we were reviewing images, making some slight changes and we were set. If you need a logo or a label, or anything else graphic wise, hit Ryan up and start a dialogue. I’m sure he’ll be able to work through whatever you require and you’ll leave a satisfied customer.

From Ryan’s Bio Page
I am not a professional, and don’t claim to be. I got my first taste of graphic design while attending Clackamas High School in Clackamas, OR and spent two periods a day at the Owen Sabin Occupational Skills. The skill center is a technical/trade program run by the North Clackamas School District. From 1994 through 1997 I was enrolled in the Graphics Technology program where I learned desktop publishing. We did everything from snapping and developing our own photos, creating layouts on the computer, all the way to four color process printing on AB Dick offset presses. Graphics Tech was blast, and thanks to my instructors, I am able to create the things that are in my galleries. Other than that, I have no other formal education in graphic design. Since then, graphic design has always been a hobby of mine. Most of what I have learned I have taught myself through goofing around, and some help from online tutorials.

So how did I end up doing this? Well, I’m a hot sauce fanatic and collector (aka “chilehead”). I frequent many online blogs and forums dedicated to hot and spicy foods. While posting away on the Hot Sauce Blog, one of my fellow chileheads had the great idea of making a limited run, collectable hot sauce that we would send around to select friends to sign and place among our precious collections. Lucky for us, one of our good friends is none other than Tracy Campbell of Cape Fear Pepper Company. After speaking to Tracy, and included another esteemed colleague, we now had a bottled sauce and formed the HSU (Hot Sauce Underground). One thing remained one crucial detail that every hot sauce needs… a label! After several nights of doodling and submitting the drawings to be voted upon, I came up with a simple character (the Angry Pepper) that won everybody over. With a little help from my scanner and Adobe Photoshop, I managed to create the label seen here. Tracy was impressed with my work and commissioned me to redo a label for him. After that, through word of mouth and some shameless self promoting, I’ve managed to pick up some great clients/friends.

So there you have it a nutshell. Didn’t really mean for things to turn out this way, but I enjoy the hell out of it! I would like to extend special thanks to Chris Kohler (Chris K from the blog) for having the idea that set things in motion for me. Tracy Campbell for smoking something funny and insisting that I have some kind of talent, and for allowing me to work for him. Eric Nanista for his input and friendship as a fellow chilehead, and founding member of the HSU (along with Tracy, Chris, and myself). “Huvason” of Fat Kid Sauces for believing in me and my work, and for being the best damn public relations guy I could ever hope for! John Hard of CaJohn’s Fiery Foods for his wealth of knowledge, friendship, and for giving me the opportunity to create something special for him. Nick Lindauer for letting me shamelessly use his website (Hot Sauce Blog) as a place to pick up clients like the whore that I am. My wife and kids for supporting me and allowing me to have this second job. And to everyone else that has been supportive, given me the chance to make something they can be proud to use, and just been a friend.

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