Posted March 31, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Mississippi Sauce King.com

MSK – Surprise!

MississippiSauceKing.com is now live and fully functional – this site was created for MSK as a surprise effort dedicated to his autographed collection.

What is it?
Esssentially, it’s a web-based collection interface. Once I walk MSK through the site, he’ll be able to add each bottle in his collection to the database and they will be displayed on the Sauce Listings page. This will allow for manufacturers to see if they are listed in his collection and for the rest of the world to drool over it.

Take a moment and check it out. Let me know if any errors stand out. The site is pretty barebones right now as I spent the majority of the time developing the backend/interface.

Nick Lindauer

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